Here's a recent picture of Stuey taken on an camping trip in 2002. He's enjoying his 4 favorite food groups: soda, cheese, chocolate and pork products... and yes, that's a stuffed turkey on the table.
This is Stuey during Senior Week 3.0 in 1992, when Bee-Uhl won all the money in that all-night poker game. (He still can't figure out how he lost with 5 queens)

Pictured here, Stuey relaxes in between naps while munching on his favorite snack: doughnuts. His famous quote for this camping trip in 1999: "What's the best way to start a campfire? Let Row-Duh do it!"

His other famous quote: "My socks are wet."

Here is a picture of the entire Hochberger family in New York City. Pictured left to right: Stuey, Ed, Nancy and Andy (Ba).

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