These are the lowest of low, slowest of the slow, intellectually challenged members of the animal kingdom. So low on the food chain, they had to have their own separate page. So evolutionarily challenged, that Spooky wouldn't dare include them in The Cat Squad OR The Drool Pool. (and believe me, The Drool Pool has some pretty low standards)

This is “Frodo the Hamster”. Frodo respects the catch phrase “CHEESE-IT…Get your own box!”

Duncan the duck hails from the frozen tundra of Bellefonte, PA. He spends the summers romping in his special backyard duck pen, and the frigid Pennsylvania winters staring longingly into the warm house from his shelter on the porch. He enjoys snacks of popcorn, grapes, and yummy lettuce.

Boo the Toad
Boo the Toad is the fattest, bloatedest toad this side of Potter county. When purchasing crickets for Boo's weekly feast, I had the choice of either 12 crickets, or 24. Can you guess how many I finally settled on?

You think you have troubles with your pet trying to escape? Look at this little guy. He thinks he's going to chew through the bars! I can see it now, "Super Snuckles!"

NUM & CHUM - Visit the Num and Chum Memorial
Num and Chum currently head The Shallow End. They enjoy sitting, staring and eating. That's about it. When you're just a toad in a dog eat cat world, there ain't all that much that can possibly go on in your life.

Ottoman is a Red Eared Slider turtle who is constantly on the lookout for Spooky and her antics. Ottoman has no respect for anyone, and calmly floats around all day waiting for feeding time. Special thanks goes out to my high school German teacher for giving Ottoman to me for no apparent reason!

Potter County has been known to produce some of the largest crayfish known to man. Here Crazy Cousin Joe holds two beauties he caught in while crickstompin' along Pine Creek.
Join in Spooky's quest to trap as many mice as possible, in the strangest of situations!