I've known Bee-Uhl since 10th grade, and since that time we can always count on him for the most ridiculous adventures. He's always coming up with the craziest schemes and half-assed plans, and that's why he makes the best cartoon character.

When I drew these cartoons, Bee-Uhl was working at a local dairy manufacturing plant as a shift supervisor. He's always been the first one of the group to take on responsibility, and this job is no exception. He also owns his own house, and lives with his wife Cindy and their 3 children. Missers, the youngest, is featured prominently throughout these cartoons.

Nicknames include: Pedro, Paco, Hershey and Big Bucks Bee-Uhl.

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I have known Sneels since at least third grade. We can always count on Sneels to have the most illnesses, the worst luck and the worst eyesight. He frequently finds himself in the middle of some of the strangest problems and coincidences ever. Sneels' luck is so bad, one day he may just step out of his door, and be struck down by a meteorite.

Sneels also works in the same dairy plant as Bee-Uhl, and also has a house on the same street.

Nicknames include: Pedro, Paco, Sneebs, Staples, Sneakers, Pagewimp and Xerbos.

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Stuey has been my best friend since first grade. Since I've know him the longest, I know what makes him tick, and just about everything he says and does makes a great cartoon. Stuey also works in the diary plant with Sneels and Bee-Uhl, and unfortunately, Bee-Uhl is his supervisor, which makes him Stuey's boss's boss.

When Stuey isn't working, he's sleeping. Or maybe playing APBA Baseball. And if he can't be found doing any of those things, you can always count on find him propped up watching the idiot box.

Nicknames include: Stup, Dumps, Ba and Corporal Hochberger.

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Now we come to the observer. The keen watcher of details. Sometimes I feel like I'm just along for the ride with this crazy cast of characters, but I suspect it won't take you long to realize that I get into as many adventures as my friends.

Nicknames include: Troda, Pfeiffer and Fife. (because I look like Paul Pfeiffer from The Wonder Years)

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AKA Elizabeth. My special someone, always with ducks on her mind, gets into all kinds of disorganized adventures as a second grade teacher.

Bee-Uhl's wife. Puts up with all his antics and manages the out-of-control laundry pile in the basement.

Bee-Uhl's youngest daughter, and the apple of his eye. Missers loves to hang out with us when we play poker and has picked up her daddy's knack for making fun of the Boyz.

Bee-Uhl's oldest daughter. She loves her video games, but can often be seen beating Stuey at basketball or crashing a poker game.

AKA Budder. Bee-Uhl's younger brother. Also works with Stuey on second shift, stacking ice cream and working the palatizer.

The Beavers
Watch for these industrious little creatures in the ever-expanding laundry pile in Bee-Uhl's basement.

Watch for the exciting adventures of Stuey's buddy Phil as they both enjoy playing APBA baseball (a kind of roll-playing baseball game) and Fantasy Football. Hopefully you won't be bored to tears watching them sit there together and waste oxygen.

Phil Sr.
Phil's father is in the same APBA league and Fantasy Football league as his Stuey and is a die hard sports fan.

Bee-Uhl's father is a no-nonsense kind of guy. He's always after Bee-Uhl to clean up his messes and usually won't stand for any of Bee-Uhl's crazy ideas. But never the less, he always shows up around the holidays to spread his certain brand of stern discipline.

Every once in a while, Bee-Uhl disappears for a few weeks and we never know what happens to him, or where he goes. It has been rumored that Zorkon flies down to Earth and abducts Bee-Uhl on occasion for unknown scientific reasons.

If you keep your eyes open, you'll see them periodically throughout my cartoons. Each cat belongs to one of the Boyz, and sooner or later there's bound to be additions and deletions to this chart.

Poor Plimpie was adopted by Stuey from the Humane Society. Although he is a very friendly cat, he's just a tad overweight. He's also somewhat lazy, has had an acne infection, and has developed feline diabetes. For a cat with one foot in the grave, Plimpie makes a great cartoon character!

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If you can't tell by now, Spooky is my cat. Lets just say she's not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Watch for Sneels chasing Spooky around the house, Spooky versus the big-screen TV and many other hilarious adventures.

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Skeeter is one Bad-Ass cat! He takes crap from NOBODY. He's also the most sociable of the Boyz' cats. You can usually find Skeeter following his owner, Bee-Uhl, around all day, lounging by the TV or sleeping next to the fan.

See Skeeter in The Cat Squad | See a bonus picture of Skeeter

Bunker is Stuey's first cat. Much like his predecessor, Mitten, Bunker spends most of the time hiding under the bed. Occasionally Bunker makes an appearance when Stuey is watching TV.

Steve Steve
Steve is the most absent minded, disjointed, ramshackle person I know - and one of my best friends apart from the Boyz. He now moves all over the country in search of the perfect job, all the while keeping his crazy sense of humor. He'll pop up every once in a while, touting his #1 Dad t-shirt, trying to pay for burgers with mice and maintaining his well-deserved title as "The King of Cheap."

Ba Ba - Stuey's Brother
Ba's real name is Andy, but since Stuey has little or no respect for his younger brother, he has shortened the word "brother" down to a one syllable expression that won't waste any breath.

Ba can often be seen antagonizing his older brother and battling him on the Nerf basketball court. Sometimes Ba will call Stuey "Ba" as well, in a feeble attempt to show his mutual disrespect. See a bonus picture of Ba.

Jeremy Jeremy
Jeremy is 16 years old, has a girlfriend, and is in charge of a dedicated shelf-stocker named Stuey. Why does Stuey continue working at Giant with a high school student as his boss? His never ending pursuit of the almighty dollar.
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