Here is a strange and eclectic collection of Spooky's associates. Some are friends, some are relatives, and some are just plain weird. If you feel that you know some special animal that would like to become a member of The Cat Squad, sign them up, and Spooky will post a brief description and a photograph on this page!

He likes face rubs, feather toys, laser pointers, beef fancy feast and just being aloof. He is a dead ringer for the other Spookies on the website so he thought he would like to submit his photo. Just like the original Spooky, except a male. He wants to be a famous cat on a website.

Miss Fluffy rules the humans, stray cats, and our housemate's basenji-type dog with claws of steel. She's a housecat only because she came with the house, and insisted on being included in its feeding times. Fierce as she is fluffy, she takes no guff from anybody, whatever their species! It's best to be properly respectful, and to scratch her head when she wants you to, but don't be taken in if she runs in and tells you she hasn't been fed yet. Chances are she's lying.

I take FitzChivalry out on walks and take him to the store every weekend or every other weekend. He's extremely well behaved in public (yes, I'm very proud of my little four footed kid) and likes car rides. And he like to play in the snow, too (I don't let him play too long in it because it's too cold outside!).

Get the door... it’s Domino. That’s right folks. Not only does this cat have a cool name... but he also delivers pizza for Domino’s. Actually, he is a Humane League alumni who enjoys playing with his many toys (sometimes mistaking my hand for a chew toy) and loves to tease his turtle “sibling” named Buddy by laying on top of the cage to take a nap. He just can’t believe that he has made it to celebrity status!

Sgt. Pepper and Penny Lane
Pepper and Penny are little black and white kittens with tons energy to spare. They recently inherited Spooky's top-shelf super-string, and are pictured here doing their best to eat the entire thing. (Hey, that rhymes - somebody call the Beatles!)

Weak stomach, weaker mind. Debbie is very affectionate, but vomits once a week so it all evens out. She also has a voracious appetite for flowers as evidenced by the picture in her gallery!

It's a baby seal! It's a manatee! No wait, it's Sada, the bloated cat! Sada is "stupid, fat, and lazy like all great cats." She could barely summon enough strength to have this picture taken.

Phoebe, was found following a hurricane-apparently having been separated from her mother. She was approximately three weeks old when we found her and her eyes were not fully opened and were cloudy. Our efforts to find her a home because we had two dogs, proved unsuccessful and we decided to keep her. My wife and I took turns feeding her a special formula every two hours and took turns taking her to work with us, hidden in a picnic basket...

A little tiger cat with a lot of personality... Murdock is always looking for trouble, and usually finds it around his apartment amidst all the CDs, DVDs, video tapes and clothing strewn about. He always seems to be willing to help eat my lunch when I stop by and visit too.

After mourning the untimely demise of Mitten for more than three years, my good friend Stu finally purchased a replacement. Here is the newest, bloatedest sack of lifeless cat you'll ever see. Some things never change.

Is this an imposter? A charlatan? No! It's Spooky's long lost second cousin three times removed, Spooky! Here's the OTHER Spooky doing her favorite activity, exploring the great outdoors. ("No more pictures! I'm trying to look tough in front of all the birds here! Go away, it's time for me to puff up my fur!")

A Humane League Refugee, Liz has a disturbing identity crisis. She thinks she should be in the Drool Pool instead of the Cat Squad with Ilsa. Lizzy also stops over on occasion to visit Spooky, and both of them cackle and hiss at each other - it must be true love.

No, this isn't Spooky's long, lost sister - Ilsa actually has a small amount of intelligence. Ilsa is another rescue from "The League" and is far too sophisticated to associate with Mosely. She is trying to help Lizzy overcome her Freudian Freakouts however.

Dilly was an apathetic, dim witted clod of a Persian cat. Some may say that his protruding lower tooth is what makes him so cute and that intelligence doesn't matter. Others (Spooky included) might say that Dilly barely made the cut to join The Cat Squad and may very well end up as a member of Drool Pool! Dilly passed away in the summer of 2001.

Skeeter is a founding member of the cat squad and has spent many years basking beside his owner in front of the TV. He also enjoys eating crickets.

AKA Maggie, the heart of all that is truly evil in Cat Squad often enjoyed fighting, hissing, spitting and taking on opponents 10 times larger than she was. Alas, she is no longer with us, but her fighting spirit still lives on.