They're stinky, they drool a lot, and they have a tendency to sniff their own butts, but we love them anyway. Here is a motley collection of canine comrades collected and maintained by Spooky's

Secretly dreams about being the next Scooby Doo. Favorite pastimes include impersonating Scooby, barking at his friends, the UPS lady and garbage man, getting treats from the postman and carrying his own leash when going for a walk.Has a thing for Julie, the little white dog down the street.

She’s a one-year-old Chow-Pomeranian mix who was adopted by us after she was rescued by a friend of ours. She loves to fetch, chase her tail, chew on sticks and frolic in the snow! She’s also a good snuggler!

Darth is 8 years old and a mommy's baby; but don't sneak up on mommy or play any tricks, he turns into my protector.

The funniest sight in the world has got to be a basset in full gallop after his toy. Unfortunately it's scientifically impossible to capture on film. Aside from that, Toby's favorite activities are being where his humans are, preferably across their path, trying to dominate taller dogs, and sleeping under the computer chair. He still hasn't figured out that Fluffy won't play, but it'll only take one pawful of claws across the nose for him to learn.

Formerly known as Manny but we didn't like it, was abandoned by his owner on the streets of York, PA. Rescued by Operation Scarlet, Inc. of Lancaster, he is one of the most recent of the 796 Chinese Sharpei they have rescued in their twelve years of operation. Mose has taken a liking to everyone he has met so far except for one of my neighbors who will not be named here ;-). I have absolutely no idea what his issue with this neighbor is, I can only guess that this person may bear an amazing resemblance to his former owner (who deserted him) , or somebody else who must have been very unkind in some way.

Raised on an Australian goat farm, this lovable K-9 had it rough for many years until she was saved by a retired carpenter and his crazy daughter. She now resides in northern Pennsylvania where she sits, lays and barks at trains.

America was found several days after the 9-11 incident, sniffing at the rubble around ground zero in NYC. Now he has found a home in Lancaster County, and fits in perfectly with the crew of Lizzy and Ilsa , right next door to Spooky!

Well Tonto is of course the president of Hoota-man Records, and an avid rabbit hunter. He pees on the carpet and is working on breaking that habit. It's very unprofessional. He likes biscuits and peanut butter, and is not too fond of baths. Tonto is definitely a ladies man, he can't resist a good crotch-sniff, we'll leave it at that! Fell free to send him your fan mail and praise (ie. good boy!)

Don't let the adorable face fool you - at this very moment, Nugget is thinking which article of furniture or clothing she can eat next. But never fear, Vern is standing by with his trusty shovel in case she needs a little bit of discipline.

With a face only a mother could love, Limey enjoys drooling, snorting, and sleeping. He will occasionally chase an empty coke bottle or a renegade coffee cup, but mostly is blissfully unaware of the world around him.

For a brief period, Stella lived in the same house as Spooky. VERY brief. Stella enjoys chasing tennis balls and squirrels and scaring the bejesus out of Spooky.

A sad, sorry excuse for a canine, Myrtle currently resides in Idaho. She enjoys sleeping, moping around the house and stinking to high heaven.