Phoebe, a non-domesticated or feral cat, was found following a hurricane-apparently having been separated from her mother. She was approximately three weeks old when we found her and her eyes were not fully opened and were cloudy. Our efforts to find her a home because we had two dogs, proved unsuccessful and we decided to keep her. My wife and I took turns feeding her a special formula every two hours and took turns taking her to work with us, hidden in a picnic basket. The dogs accepted her and she began to take on their traits, acting as if the female dog was her mother. We have always introduced new pets and even our child to our dogs in a manner that allowed the dogs to "find" the new member of the family which caused them to act as if the new member was their own and to be protected. She is now one of the most protective "attack" cats- not allowing any other dogs, regardless of size or demeanor, near the yard without literally attacking them with no fear whatsoever. To us, she is the most affectionate cat, though she has never liked being picked up and held, though she will spend much time in your lap or in the bed with you. I would strongly encourage anyone given the opportunity to assist an abandoned kitten to try to make them a member of your family.