<Chivs just one a $100 gift certificate for Malec's Pet Store in a best-dressed/costumed pet contest (I never did find out which - best-dressed or best costume). I gave him bunny ears, a white 'cape,' a bunny tail and put him in a big easter basket with a big yellow plaster easter egg. Ok, so the competition was bewteen three animals: Chivs and two dogs, both of which were smaller than Chivs, and the one dog wouldn't stop barking. But that aside, my cat came through again and paid for his dinner.
This past Saturday I took my cat the an art gallery opening for "PAWS for Hope," a fundraiser for PAWS (Pennsylvania Animal Welfare Society) - the group I adopted Chivs from. Here are two pictures the lady took of us. FitzChivalry *loves* the camera so it was hard - impossible even - to get him to focus on the painting for a good shot of both of us perusing the art.
I got a hold of a digital camera this past weekend and took some good shots of the cats (I've been wanting to get high res images for a few projects). Turns out that it's a pain in the butt to get your cats to pose or stay still when they're always either trying to snuggle up with me or play with me. FitzChivalry had it made, though, I think I must've given him a quarter of a bag of hist favorite cat treats...
<FitzChivlary and I took first place at a WHP 580's pet & owner look-a-like contest at Malec's pet store. - here's the pic of RJ (radio personality), chivs, and me. lol - I won a quick little vacation at the Tropicana Casino and Resort in Atlantic City but I heard they don't allow pets, so I used the $50.00 gift certificate to get Chivs and Misfit a new piece of cat furniture and they love it.
< This is FitzChivalry (approx. 4.5 months old now) at the Petsmart Valentines' Day pet photo thingy. I actually got him to sit and stay for about five minutes for the person to take the shots!